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Progardes Desmanthus available NOW


Progardes Desmanthus

Progardes has been bred from a selection of 5 desmanthus selections with varying maturity.  Developed by Agrimix and James Cook University over a period of 20 years.



  • Summer growing pasture perennial tap rooted legume.
  • Non-thorny, non-toxic, frost and grazing tolerant.
  • Highly palatable, excellent source of protein, high quality forage.
  • Suitable for rainfall areas of 400 - 1000mm.
  • Soil improvement nitrogen fixer.
  • Studies have shown improved animal weight gain on average 40kg/head over buffel only pastures.



  • Sow with good moisture profile into a well prepared seed bed with a good chance of follow up rain.
  • Clay rich soils with neutral to alkaline pH are ideal.
  • Minimise competition from weeds and reduce vermin.
  • Allow full flowering and seeding in the first season.


 Planting Rate

  •  With a pasture blend           1-2kg/ha
  •  Stand alone                          2-4kg/ha


Use in Pastures

  • Progardes helps prevent pasture run-down by improving soil nitrogen
  • Extends the pastures season
  • Increase pasture productivity

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 Source:  Agrimix Pastures Pty Ltd